Since 2006, Total I.T. Brisbane has serviced over 10,000 happy customers. We’re are Brisbane’s leading mobile I.T. support provider, servicing both residential and small to medium sized businesses.

Here’s what our customers are saying about Total I.T. Brisbane:

Sorry, this is long overdue but I wanted to say how happy we were with the service which Duane gave us on August the 8th. He sorted out all the problems which Muriel was having and got Noel’s set-up ironed out as well. Muriel’s emails had lost their addresses, and incomings had ceased, and all previous emails gone. He retrieved the lot and we are delighted. He was friendly and obliging and a good representative for your business.

M. & N. Taylor

I could have not asked for better as any problem was fixed straight away.. Well done keep up the service…


Great service right from operator to technician. (And believe me, I have had quite the opposite from Harvey Norman and another IT Firm). Thanks for service above and beyond excellence.


Grateful for the understanding of 2 computer illiterates.

Certainly not looking to change my computer technician !!!! Very happy with the service being offered.

Peter C.

I am 61 years young, and despite my exposure to programming in Fortran IV at QUT back in the 70’s when I did my Mech Engineering; using only a few programs consistently since the early 90’s and quite heavily during my Bach of Business in 2009 and post-grad etc, I am only a user of programs and not a person who can faultfind or achieve the best from a system or computer. As a male, I do read the instructions (when I find the time:-) ) but time is scarce.

My sincerest thanks to Timothy – a great ambassador for your firm.

He was on time, very courteous, professional and extremely good at his job. He was also able to talk to me in layman’s terms so I understood what he did, and demonstrated to me how to improve the performance of my laptop (oh ok, I had almost all the instructions).

I had visited another firm on Monday in desperation before I called you, and they advised me I had a Trojan embedded there and it could take up to 3 days to repair. MMmm… it would have been cheaper to buy another laptop, so I won’t be going back there.

I will however, recommend Total IT Brisbane from now on based on its integrity, and yes, when I next come unstuck, I’ll give you a call.

Thanks again for such great and affordable service.

Paul Nielsen

My name is Kathleen I am youth worker with disability and age care, and also career for my husband who’s had stroke, I was talking to my client that my computer guy seems to over charge me when I need my computer fixed and he does not seem the bother reducing the payment even if you are senior, also he makes big fuss if I need him to come to the house to help me and it could take him over week before he would come around..

My client told me about your team and how good you are. When I had trouble with my computer I rang you guys up and was very delighted how quick and friendly your team are, I am very happy with the service and would recommenced you to other people who might have trouble with there computer. Thank you all so much for your help with fixing my computer, with out it I would not receive my jobs.

Kathleen Alderson

The technician was particularly helpful – I had bought a surge protector board that I hadn’t pulled out of the box but as I had a need to call IT about something else I decided to ask his opinion. He showed me a Thor board and I could see that it was a better product than the one I had. I appreciated the advice. Because I have not grown up with computers I am not as savvy as I would like to be and do prefer home visits and an explanation of what is being done rather than carting into workshop.

J Carse, Ferny Grove

We are very pleased and satisfied with your service. Finding friendly, professional, competent and reliable computer help in to-day’s world is a big ask. Your company most certainly does provide excellent service.

G Copeland, Redland Bay QLD

The service from James was fantastic! Explained everything to us in ”lamens” which was refreshing. Have had no hesitation in recommending your services to friends and family. Well done!

C Evans, Kallangur

You tackled the problem concisely and took action immediately. The explanation by the technician was easy to follow and encouraging… it has been a very positive experience from the time I entered and spoke with your personnel to the home visit by the technician to remedy the situation, and this extended to the options discussed regarding further assistance through Total I.T. Australia.

L Tafa, Clear Mountain